Jim Hume – A brief bio

Jim Hume

Jim Hume

Jim Hume is a nonagenarian journalist who lives in Victoria, BC. His career has spanned 6 decades, including interviews with Premier of BC Byron Ingemar Johnson (1947-52), time spent sipping cocktails and chatting with Queen Elizabeth on the Royal Yacht Brittania, and an interview with British Prime Minister Jimmy Callaghan at Number 10 Downing Street. He once won not one, but two Grey Cup bets with Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, and has the cheques, for the princely sum of one dollar each, to prove it.

Jim is one of the oldest working journalists in Canada, the longest-serving member, and Dean, of the Legislative Press Gallery of BC, winner of a Jack Webster Award: The Bruce Hutchison Award for¬†Lifetime Achievement in Journalism, and recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal.


  1. Hello Jim. I miss yout writings every Sunday when I read through the TC. I hope Dave Obee comes to his senses sooner rather than later. Brenda Harfield

  2. I miss you, too, Jim. My Sunday TC reading does not have the same wonderful reflections as you used to provide. Wish you would return!!

  3. Jim:

    I’m a retired lawyer and journalist and I’m doing up a brief history of sewage treatment in the Victoria region from the mid-1960s to present. I have interviewed Ted Dew-Jones who said he had had a long interview with you during the 1992 Sewage Referendum campaign. I’m very interested in that campaign — who the players were and so forth. Apparently you followed the campaign closely and, it seems to me, you commented about the sewage situation fairly recently in the Times Colonist. Could I have a chat with you by email or otherwise?

    I don’t know your email address or I would have emailed you directly.

    Tim Davis

  4. Mr Hume, glad to see someone around that remembers my great uncle Byron I Johnson. Knew him as a young boy and also as a young man, visiting him and my Aunt Kate a few times at his home in Oak Bay. Would love to read an account of your interviews with my uncle if there is a copy available.
    Cheers Bill Coale San Jose CA

  5. Hi. I am looking at my fathers military history, he was a railway guard on the trains moving Chinese indentured workers from Vancouver to Hallifax, you did an article on this a few years ago and mentioned there was a woman living in Cordova Bay who had her father diary. I am wondering if she is still there if, this is a little known part of Canadian Military history.

  6. Happy New Year, Jim! Just read that Mark’s saying goodbye to the G&M, thought of you, so thought I’d give you a line or two.

    Hope the prostate stuff isn’t causing you too much grief…mine isn’t–had it taken out about this time, a couple of years ago. I’m not the same man I was–but then, who is? (I can hear the chorus chanting, “Now you’re a better one! Now you’re a better one!”) I’m not sure that’s true, but certainly “different.”

    Back on the coast after 14 years in Calgary. Bought a nice place in Chilliwack (3rd) wife’s home town. I love it. Totally retired now, in the traditional sense, but still writing. After a dozen published non-fiction books, have turned to fiction. A whole lot tougher to write well, and probably impossible to get published, the industry (and readers) being what they are, today. Still, bashing away…

    Think often of those crazy days at CFAX. Dream about them, too (“Dr., Dr., what does THAT mean?”)
    Keep well…keep happy.

    Rich Mole

  7. Jim, you may already know about it but if not, there’s a book review of both Jonathan O’Grady/Bryan Bacon’s joint book “A Terrible Duty” and James Taylor’s “Guilty But Insane” book posted on the new Ormsby Review website at #63 which I wrote recently.

  8. For the attention of “the old Islander”….you’re as ‘old’ as you feel eh?….The column this week on parliamentary privilege is of course dead on….Yes Canadians have that “right to protest” etc…but NOT to impede the rights of others…Here’s another topic for you….First Nations go to the courts to uphold what they believe are ‘their rights’ and are happy when Canadian courts rule in their favour….But to support civil disobedience and blocking of transportation for the general public when decisions by the court go against them…that’s a bit unfair I’d say. Whatever happened to letter writing as form of protest?
    Jim Bennett in Qualicum Beach

    1. Jim I once attended a few classes that you instructed in. I believe they were in Blackpool, Lancashire. I again had those amazing opportunities @ the Lake Hill Hall, Victoria.
      My Eternal Gratitude to Our Lord for those lasting memories of our communications & brotherhood. John Howe, Duncan B.C.

  9. Hi Jim A voice from the distant past. Looking at some negatives from a party in Penticton in 1963 and you were there. Can’t believe you are 97 contrats. Our old friend Dave Colville passed away last Febuary same age as me 83. I’m still going pretty good cycling and skiing. Living in Vancouver for the past 50 years. Good to see you are are still going strong, all the best for 2021. Thanks for the start of my career in journalism. Yours David Clark.

    1. Sorry to hear about D. Colville’s passing. I remember when Dave and I helped you move from Penticton to Edmonton in Dave’s Olds 98. Last saw Dave when he popped into the G&M newsroom to say hello.

  10. Mate you might even get to see some more rugby, looks like we might have a season after all. That sho
    uld get you off the back porch I hope! – Ashley Ford

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