At last -The long Sought Money Tree?

Never having been much of a whiz-kid when it comes to math or numbers adding up to more than 10, I hesitate to venture into the realm of high finance and talk about big money.

I mean big as in more than trillions of dollars. Remember – should you feel tempted to follow my line of thought – I’m the guy who needs a kindly and very understanding accountant to help me fill in my name and address on my annual income tax return.

So, here is my problem: Flushed into the spotlight by proudly repeated announcements, our federal Liberal government has discovered another trillion dollars – or two – in a dark and dusty corner of the Treasury to bind the grievous wounds being wrought by COVID-19.

Then, even as we try to imagine what a trillion dollars would look like stacked in never-ending piles of Loonies teetering in the COVID cyclone, our provincial government bounces onto centre stage to show us what real spending looks like.

On the West Coast, we still cling to the NEW Democratic Party’s hope that the constant repetition of NEW will make it so. The Liberal Party is similar. The repeated mantra would convince us that to be LIBERAL means you are automatically kind and caring.  NEW and LIBERAL – on the big stage of Canadian politics – have become frayed over time.

But I’m getting a little carried away here, complaining when I suppose I should just be thankful that we have people running things for us –

provincially and federally – who know where to put their hands on trillions, or even larger bundles, of ready cash to buy what we need.

Then, I stir in my comfortable pew, and I am disturbed wondering why for decades, Canada has been seeking solutions to the problem of homelessness and the myriad of mental health problems that flow in its wake.

Has the money been there, saved but held in reserve for more deserving causes than homelessness and failing mental health? Will the ever rising tide of the homeless ever benefit from such easy access to “money tree” benefits or decades from now will governments’ (that’s “we, the people”)At Last still be staking them to gussied-up old motel rooms and declaring the homeless problem solved.

Just asking. As always, your views will be welcomed. Be polite.


  1. Both interesting articles, Jim and Jack. So when it comes to building shelters for the homeless, providing clean water for First Nations or building a fleet of battleships we can now do this with a keystroke. The magic of MMT means that such spending is more about political will than fiscal responsibility.

    But MMT is a recent tool. My father used to tell me how the government had trouble providing relief during the Depression. But when it declared war in 1939 there seemed to be all kinds of money to pay soldiers and build materiel.

  2. It’s taken me 83 years on this planet to decide that “intelligent politicians” is an oxymoron.

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