Ultimate Arrogance

What a difference between the boastful truculence of USA President Donald Trump last Tuesday and the calm reasoning of President-Elect Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving message a day later.

President Trump, in a rare one-minute speech from the White House, wanted to draw attention to the fact that his bible, the stock market, was showing signs of a strong recovery in the past 24-hours – and it was entirely due to him.

And, of course, it was – but only a supreme con artist would have the arrogance to demand praise for an economic recovery sign which was, in fact, an open rebuke of his wild administration.

For days after his defeat at the polls, President Trump refused to admit his loss. People who count such things say he launched at least 24 legal challenges claiming the election had been hijacked by his rivals. Every charge was dismissed because when asked for factual evidence of forged, faked, or destroyed ballots, the president’s legal team came up empty.

Undeterred, the president stilled refuses to concede defeat, but after a flurry of firing department heads, who he felt had let him down, he did agree to remove obstacles that had prevented Biden from engaging in transfer of power procedures.

It was enough to indicate he knew that his days of issuing royal commands were fast coming to an end. And most a most appropriate happening for USA Thanksgiving.


  1. Trump has always been preoccupied with his image and legacy but his refusal to accept the obvious has caused irreparable damage to his reputation.

    One might argue there was no reputation to sully; however, if he had conceded gracefully rather than send packs of empty-handed lawyers to the courts to challenge the election we might have been a trifle more forgiving.

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