It’s Just Inconvenient Not a Punishment

So, you’re feeling a twinge of cabin fever? A little frustrated that you can’t get up and wander where you want when you want, hold hands, hug a friend, sip a pint of tea, coffee or whatever, and solve personal and world problems better than using Twitter or a Facebook post.

Not to worry, you’ll find yourself back to what your normal was before the world spins off the rails. It shouldn’t take more than a year or two – and that’s less than a teardrop in the large bucket called “time.” Ah, yes, dear souls, it isn’t anguish we are going through in 2020 – it’s inconvenience. And inconvenience becomes downright discomfiting when it disturbs the comfortable pew of life we treasured and called normal.

Quite amazing, really. We have grown up from our earliest days learning about nations that became countries – prosperous, strong, and selfishly all-powerful, only to implode at the height of their power – and collapse. Never believing it could ever happen to the place where we live.

From the pyramids of the Egyptians and the Aztecs; from the amphitheatres of Rome and multitude of shrines to Greek gods, we read in wonderment of their achievements. And, if we have been fortunate enough to travel and witness those towering monuments to the greatest of empires, we have always wondered, and still do: What happened?

But do we ever wonder what the citizens were thinking as their nation world turned upside down? I read somewhere recently – and apologize for failing to note the author’s name: “Many generations have thought the world was dying, but it was only THEIR world which was dying.”

Greek, Aztec, Egyptian, Roman – all conquerors of the world they knew; Empires that flourished then died. In my lifetime, I have witnessed the creation and collapse of the Soviet Socialist Republics (Russia) and the break-up of the British Empire.

Both remain recognized on the world stage and are treated with respect, but their right to world empire status died long ago. And the world keeps turning even as China – an old Empire that seemed to die centuries ago – has emerged to challenge the USA’s world leadership role.

For the past four years. Canadians have been watching with fidgeting discomfort the antics of President Donald Trump as he theatrically degraded the U.S. from class act to bad vaudeville.

And, while we sat watching and hoping to see Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall, along came COVID-19 and lock-down, shut-down, face masks, virus checks, social distancing and a myriad of other annoying rules and regulations to set normally placid Canadians mumbling in their beer.

Just damned inconvenient, that’s what it is. Having to sit and watch – not even able to hold hands – while a plague runs rampant just across the border and Pied Piper Trump leads his nation into chaos.

The medical experts, who so far have served us well, tell us it could be this fall before the world has a medicine powerful enough to stop COVID-19, and maybe a year after that to be sure we have a winner. 

That’s a long time. Time enough to adjust and correct some of the bad living habits we have acquired. Time to accept and adapt to inconvenience. It is not the end of the world.


  1. We have become spoiled. The lockdown cannot compare with the long winters our parents and grandparents endured, especially in rural areas, without the benefit of today’s sources of amusement, such as television and the internet.

    Yes, it’s damned inconvenient, but inconvenience is not hardship.

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