An Apology

Sorry to miss a week on regular blog output, but events like a new PC and holidays which deprived me of expert guidance through the labyrinth of new techniques have slowed down my already sluggish technical capabilities.

So I thought it wiser just to switch the new monster off until the festive seasons slows down a little and “Dan the man” from ABC Business Services can find time to gently guide me through the maze of new instructions.

Hopefully I’ll be back in this usual spot in a week or 10 days stumbling through the first days of my 97th year on planet earth after surviving my 96th birthday on the 27th. And I hope readers who have been with me for a good part of my journey so far will be waiting with their kind words and knuckle raps.

You are good companions to travel with.



  1. Hey! All of the other print commentators and broadcast pundits are on break. You, undoubtedly the most senior of them all, surely are entitled to one too.

    But while I have your attention and you’re not too busy let me wish you complements of the season and a happy 96th birthday the day after tomorrow.

  2. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas , and Happy Birthday on the 27th 😊
    Looking forward to more of your knowledge, wisdom, and gentle humour in the next year ☺
    All the best to you.

  3. Dear Jim Both Seasonal and especially Birthday greetings ,to you!! The years pass by so quickly-hard to believe you are 97 and still going strong! We so enjoy your weekly blog and perspectives on life and politics-thank you! Have a happy celebration -we look forward to your next article!! Sincerely Lorne and Nancy Lewthwaite

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