Far, Fast and Tiring

Just a note to explain to faithful readers that I’m taking a bit of a weekend off after two days travel to spend one day visiting family on the south-east border of British Columbia.

A small town named Kaslo to be precise. You can have fun finding it on a map, not far from Nelson and nestled in the mountains surrounding Kootenay Lake. A tidy, well groomed, well cared for community. Clean, wide streets, bright store fronts as inviting and as friendly as their staff.

The Kootenay Hume’s occupy a chunk of land a walkable distance from town – a generational family with first names of Nathan,his wife Ashley and their two sons Joseph,5, and Micah,3. and a patriarchal elder,my second son Timothy, cooperatively tend a small flock of sheep,three or four horses, a multitude of chickens, four Yaks, and enough pigeons to provide pleasant background murmurings on a sunny day.

I’ll take you there as readers some day, but not this weekend as I just gently re-adjust my aging body (and mind) from sweeping views of highways wide and narrow, endless streams from small to large; streams that tumble down mountainsides sides and go roaring off through canyons till they reach calmer, wider rivers and feed into the multitude of lakes.

From where I live in Victoria it’s a one hour and forty minute ferry ride to the BC Mainland. And from there to Kaslo it’s an eight or nine hour drive, depending the number of stops required for fuel and food, and the requisite stops nature demands.

With two sons, Mark and Andrew sharing the driving we took a little over eight hours outward bound last Wednesday, a shade less coming home on Thursday after a day on the farm.

The only reason I’m checking in is because I haven’t missed a weekend chat since I stated blogging in March 2016. And I’m not yet ready to break that pattern.

On a precautionary departure note. My copy is usually fact-checked and improved by two seasoned editors who kindly protect me from self inflicted wounds. This weekend it arrives unedited. Scary..


  1. Dear Jim I haven’t written to you before. It is time to tell you how much I enjoy your posts.

    We are not too different in age. I grew up on northern Vancouver Island (Sayward) and have lived most of my life in Vancouver. I love your historic sketches of people, places and events. You make history come alive once again.

    You are correct I would have worried if your post didn’t arrive…that’s what we do when thinking of our “friends”. So thank you for taking us along to Kaslo. While you were there I was in Vernon after experiencing the HOV lane in Kelowna.

    Have a good restful long weekend. See you soon again

    Doreen Mullins

    Ps This note didn’t have an editor either so read with care.


  2. Most fortunate to have company of family for your Kootenay drive . I covered that territory including Kelso and loved the vistas including The Big Ledge ice slopes which Peggy’s father diamond drilled via pack train in the 1930’s . His photos form part of the Kelso Historical collection . Lovely town , it’s planned wide streets remind me of Port Alberni’s similar wide streets . When visiting the area I would stay at the historical Hume Hotel in Nelson with it’s lovely dining room and first class food fare .

    Cheers ,
    Mel Massey

  3. Enjoy your visit Jim. I have the same problem, my kids and grand kids move to Cranbrooek and Lethbridge. but then you and I left our parents at a very young age and moved to Canada without a moments thought,

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