Thank You AS We Move Along

First a thank you to readers who remembered my birthday on the 27th and took the time to send greetings as I stumbled past milestone 91. I suppose I should write “metricstone” but “milestone” has a nicer ring.
Stumbled is the right word but the sometimes shaky legs and hesitant balance are, sadly, not due to single malt infusions but to old, (very) moving parts failing to function as surely as once they did. Aging ex-newsroom and press gallery colleagues take note.
Whatever, “only nine more miles to reach 100” sounds a much friendlier distance than only 14.484096000000001 kilometers to reach 160.934 clicks on life’s long but all too short road. And I bet you don’t even get a letter from Buckingham Palace for Klm’s.
But enough. Bickering over milestones versus metricstones is unseemly at this celebratory time of the year when all folks like me, born while Christmas bells were still ringing, are well acquainted with “Merry Christmas AND happy birthday” greetings – and appreciate them all.
So, as I head out in search of milestone 92 – and you, whatever distance you need to travel for your next birthday marker – let our journey be with American writer Neil Simon’s words helping us along. He wrote some years ago: “I love living. I have some problems with my life, but living is the best thing they’ve come up with so far.”
With three more days to go before we launch on the next leg of our continuing journey, we shall, I’m sure, be watching each other along the way, hopefully showing each other good examples not horrible warnings.
Again, thank you for the many kind words. You are all invited to my 100th. Details to be announced closer to the day!!


    1. Happy belated from me as well. Two CHRISTMAS/birthday boys in my family. Dec 26 & 29th. Not really fair is it. :). I’ve made it to 85. Next milestone is 90. Enjoy the journey.

  1. Way the go Mr Hume… how we get this far we do not know but I know your family and friends are blessed to see you still here at Ninety -One . may you have many more and continue this Blog . Your writings are as sharp and humorous as ever, course Victoria is known for its inspiration of new articles,
    Happy New year

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