Another Retrospective

More advice from a nonagenarian viewing the latest attempts in Ottawa to interrupt and influence our parliamentary process: keep things in perspective.
The attack is to be lamented, but not equated with Guy Fawkes of 1605 infamy or the 9-11 tragedy of New York’s twin towers. It’s a wake-up call for complacent Canada, but, sadly, only a meager catch-up date in a world long tormented with assassins who believe in their own “rights” but have no respect for others; and who believe the bullet and/or the bomb the best method of persuasion.
My own country of birth, supposedly the birth place of modern democracy, has been fighting terrorism for so long I can remember, courtesy annual November Fifth fireworks, only the big one from half a millennium ago; and, with the aid of Wikipedia’s “Attacks on the London Underground” more recent violent attempts on society starting in 1885 with Gower Street (known today as Euston) bombing and exploding at irregular “underground railway” intervals to the present.
Most of the attacks have been aimed at the general populace gathered in jostling crowds on the London underground. But the UK was not the lone target. In recent years commuters and tourists in Paris and Madrid have also been victims of wholesale slaughter while going about their daily lives in what they thought was peace and security.
I do not treat the Ottawa attack on Parliament lightly. Just ask, as I have asked before and will continue to ask as long as I have the ability; keep the event in perspective. Let us understand how fortunate Canada has been since the day of its birth, and remember that seeking revenge is not the same as seeking justice.

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  1. Well said once again, Jim. The media hype over such sad events could serve to inspire other terrorists or needless acts of violence of all stripes. It shows how successful such acts can be .

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