Just Wondering

Post Sept. 23,2014

Let’s see if I can get things straight;
Canada is in the process of scrapping four ships from its naval fleet but will have replacements in place five or six years from now. Better make that “hopes to have replacements in place” because as a nation we’re a bit slow when it comes to bringing anything military up to date.
Does this mean Canada has no standard replacement program in place? No plan to replace ships,aircraft,tanks,trucks,weapons or any other essentials the day they are launched or roll off an assembly line?
It would appear so, even though the life of any man-made item can be estimated at creation.
Amazing. Ships launched in the 70’s were given a 30-year life span give or take a year or two, and here we are in 2014 finally recognizing four of them are well past their best before date – but with replacements still four or five years away.


Two items from the education file:
Local newspapers, radio and TV stations have been wall to wall in laments over our children being deprived of two weeks education by the recently concluded, ill-mannered, strike. Pessimists say the
students will never catch-up and mutter gloomily about young lives ruined.
Teachers seem divided. The good ones are confident that a little extra work and effort by themselves, their students and the parents of their students, the two week gap can be closed. Dissatisfied teachers who lean easily toward the philosophy of being hard done by at the best of times, forecast ruin.
I’m left wondering how students in less fortunate nations manage when natural or man-made disasters close their schools for months.
My second question: How come some teachers were complaining how frantically they had to work between the strike settlement vote and the return to the classroom to get ready for opening day? Does it mean they just sat around for a couple of weeks telling each other how wonderful pre-strike summer had been without a thought on preparation for return to class? For sure they were unable to decorate their classrooms in usual warm welcome fashion, but they had two weeks on picket lines in which to prepare themselves for the day they knew would come.
Or did the BCTF tell them prep thinking was the same as working and they must resist the temptation.
Two postscripts: What kind of example do teachers who dress scruffy and can’t be bothered to comb their hair think they are setting? Independence of thought and action? Or that lack of discipline to at least start the day neat and tidy no longer matters?
And is there any hope that teachers, parents, and media print and electronic, could once again call children children or students instead of using the dismissive, slang-based, derisory sounding, “kids”.
No? Thought not. Too old fashioned. Too polite. And who cares, anyway?

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