Can’t read and will not listen

A bit of a debate in British Columbia these days on the subject of safe driving speeds in town and on Freeways.
Saintly Oak Bay has a local speed limit of 40 kph on most streets and thoroughfares – it’s raised to 50 in the Uplands where more than few prohibition (1920-33) rum runners built early stately homes. The 10 klm over normal street limits could be a hangover (pun intended) from the days when a speedy get away by land or sea was necessary.
Most other municipalities in the province permit drivers to top-out at 50 within municipal boundaries, while the new limits proposed for connecting highways will allow pedal-to-metal drivers to legally race the freeways at 120.
The capital city Victoria, which seems to lack certainty these days in many areas where clear-cut leadership is required, responded quickly to the Provincial Government edict to allow faster driving to improve traffic flows. It held public meetings then announced it would be adopting Oak Bay’s 40 click limits – but only on a few city streets where it was thought high accident rates called for enhanced control. It is thought by city council that signs reading 50 on one street and 40 on the next will be noted and observed.
As a regular driver in Oak Bay and a cautious observer of the 40 signs in most areas I feel it my duty to inform Victoria Council their two-tone speed limits in selected areas will not work as they hope. Automobile drivers in the capital city area, indeed throughout Vancouver Island and beyond to the outer-limits the province itself, cannot read. At least that’s an assumption made by me long ago, and confirmed just about every day as I drive at a sedate 40 along Beach Drive heading for Fairfield. Rare are the days when I’m not passed by angry fellow travelers, glaring or tooting as they sweep past obviously unable to read the clearly posted 40 kph signs.
It’s much worse on our lone Vancouver Island Highway where 80 invariably means 90 and 90 a 100 – and the soon be raised 120kph will mean at least 130 kph because highway drivers can’t read highway signs any better than they can read 40 kph on urban areas. These are the people who, however fast the fast lane, feel the uncontrollable urge to pass the car ahead.
They don’t see their driving habits as uncontrollable, of course. They see themselves as immortals, their driving skills supreme. Courtesy and respect for other drivers and the law is not in their driver’s manual, although there’s a chapter in every book, every lecture ever given on highway safety, headed “SPEED KILLS.”
Wasted words because I’m sure the main offenders can’t read and know for certain they don’t listen.

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