A few days away …

I can hardly hope to write as eloquently as my father, who one family friend refers to as my “esteemed parent,” but have been asked to post a brief note, explaining that Jim Hume will be going “under the knife” for a minor medical procedure tomorrow morning (Monday, April 14th). His doctors say he should expect to stay in hospital for up to 48 hours afterwards. He hopes to be back home, and writing, by Wednesday or Thursday.

Well-wishes would be very much appreciated, and can either be posted in the “Comments” section just under the headline for this post, or directed to jhume@shaw.ca .

–Nic Hume (Jim’s son)


  1. Sending prayers for Jim & his sons tonight & on. Such a wise writer, a rarity today. All best wishes for his recovery.

  2. Good luck Jim, and when you are back and able to take nourishment, we will have that Post Cruise Lunch with the group from the Sydney to Vancouver trip.


    Eric & Dorothy

    1. Warmest wishes for a fast and comfortable recovery, Mr. Hume. It was such a pleasure to receive your blog a mere few days after your final column. Bless you for not keeping your appreciative readers waiting for your wise and entertaining words.

  3. I have long enjoyed your columns, and now I look forward to many more blog posts, but not until you feel ready. All the best to you, Mr. Hume.

  4. All my best wishes go to you, Jim. I look forward to reading your blogs when you make a full recovery

  5. All the best Jim and may your recovery be short and full. I’ve been reading your column for years and consider it the most worthwhile and interesting of them all. I am very sorry that the TC cannot no longer afford you. It’s their loss. Meanwhile those of us who follow you online now can enjoy hearing from you far more often than before. I hope you will continue giving us a look at your life as it was spent as a child and young man. And of course I will want to hear about all of your travels in the future, they’re among my favorites. Thanks for years of pleasure.
    Bernie Cote

  6. Dear Mr. Hume, I hope that you are feeling alright and having a good rest.
    Thank you for writing your column. It is great to read words from a person with vast knowledge. Please take care and all the best to you. Yours truly, Dale

  7. All the best for a speedy recovery Jim. I am enjoying your on-line articles and especially appreciate receiving them directly by e-mail. Now take good care of yourself, obey the doctors and nurses and get back to the Union Club a.s.a.p.

  8. A most speedy and healthy recovery Jim. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, from one of many who enjoy your eloquence.

  9. Thinking of you,Jim, and hope the operation was successful and wish you a speedy recovery. Heard on CKNW radio the other day Bruce Allen mentioned the decline of the newspaper and said the Victoria
    Times sent you an e-mail to say no more columns needed . What a sad way to tell you. You deserved
    better,but now you have no deadlines to make for the paper. Enjoy your retirement. Regards to Nic.
    and Ann. All my best wishes and love. Old Friend still in Central Saanich….. Joan Martins

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