Who Wasn’t listening when the year was young?

Oh dear! Oh dear! The Hounds of Media in full-pack frenzied chorus in print, on radio and full colour HD TV. As it runs the pack bays the story of Mike Harcourts’ departure from the ranks of the New Democratic Party as “a bombshell” with one of the slathering beasts barking it was “a hand grenade” tossed into the ND Party engine room.

I didn’t read or hear any of the pack telling us just when Mike pulled the pin? Was it on April 1, the day the Globe and Mail broke the story? Or, perish the thought, was it months ago that the former Premier of BC decided he wanted no more to do with the Party he had helped build and keep strong?.

A little judicious questioning of Mike or NDP headquarters might reveal that as far back as January he had made his decision  with the clearly stated reasons now being revealed as newly spoken. And, whisper this softly, could it be that some members of the Legislature Press Gallery were tipped off to Mike’s planned defection back then but, still deep in Christmas and New Year hibernation, chose not to believe their tipster?

It is a fact now made clear – Mike Harcourt had since 2009 been expressing disenchantment with the party he once led, and by January had decided he wanted out. But we in the ever vigilant media, busy as always on financial scandals flushed out by auditors, never noticed Mike or listened to reliable warning voices – until All Fools Day.

Which, come to think of it, was an interesting day to break such a revealing and important political story.

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  1. Vintage Jim Hume. So glad you are still commenting on current events. Keep their feet to the fire Jim. You have so many reliable sources with impeccable credentials.

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